A Little Story About the World of Design and the Necessity of a Good Graphic Artist

If you pay attention, we did not write GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Although there is very little nuance between a graphic designer and a graphic artist, there are gaps.

Everyone has a friend who understands Graphics or has taken courses or I don't know, a graphic design graduate and works somewhere. And if someone needs a poster, brochure, design, or website is needed, someone in the environment immediately says, "Oh, I have a friend, he does it in two minutes". Yes, that job is done in two minutes. The whole secret is hidden in those two minutes. A job squeezed in between the busyness has to be liked immediately. It is a shame not to like work for the sake of it, and because of this you cannot say: "Bro, should it be a bit darker here - that font is a bit out of tune" – It’s a shame.

That's why the market consists of a lot of shameful works.

Working with a graphic artist has the following benefits:

First of all, The work continues until you feel satisfied. with the work. In addition, if you are working with a good artist, he/she does detailed research about you, synchronizes with you and understands what you are telling, feels it, and works according to that. One of the biggest features of our graphic artist Ertaç Darvavuz is that he does not work with a second job while dealing with one. Thus, your work is finished faster. If you have worked with: “Oh I have a friend” - you probably have experienced many delays.

It is more important to be CORPORATE when it comes to design. Many sloppy companies are caught in the unnecessary belief that "We already have a Facebook page - now the business is on social media". If you think that an employer will first take a look at your page on Facebook, you are wrong. They will immediately look at your website. Then your social media pages are examined. If it is one of the sites with free and abundant advertisements, it will be closed immediately. Or the use of uninteresting transition effects when surfing through each page of a formation with a different concept, whose graphics are not synchronized with music is completely harmful to the company.

You don't need to have a very expensive site, it needs to serve your purpose.

Therefore, giving up "A FRIEND" leads to better and more enjoyable work for the company.

You'd better meet a graphic artist.

With ERTAÇ DARYAVUZ for example...

And who is this Ertaç?

He was born on 18.09.1989 in Istanbul. After finishing primary school, he had already decided on his profession when talked about what would be right for his career.

Since he had a high imagination, he chose a job where he could look ordinary but accomplish different things. Graphic design was the perfect major for him. Because it was a profession where he could present all his ideas, express himself, and most importantly, he could do it without getting bored.

That's why he developed himself in this field. He listened to his father, a printer, who said "First, you will know the tricks of the trade." and gained experience in a job that blends printing and design. He worked in various departments, from graphic designer to art director in the companies, he worked for.

All his creative desire, versatile ideas, what he learned from school, and the knowledge he gained in the sector are now seen by those who work with him.

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